Tips to become a great Au pair

March 18, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Au Pair Guide

Some advice on how to have a great experience as an Au Pair in Ireland

First things first, let’s define the “au pair” concept. An au pair is a person who moves to a foreign country to look after a family’s children part-time or full-time in exchange for a private room and meals. Au pairs are not servants and they are not quite nannies either, they usually study another language while the children are at school and experience and learn a new and different culture. Keep reading this post as we will give you some advice and useful tips on how to have the time of your life and become a great au pair in Ireland. Good luck with this fantastic adventure!

Choose a family whose expectations are in sync with yours

Do some research about the area you are planning to move in before accepting any au pair job – you may want to make sure the family you are going to live with lives in a nice and quiet neighborhood. Choose carefully your location as well as the type of family that you are going to feel comfortable with. Talk to the family a couple of times on the phone or by Skype and develop an in-depth email with all the details about the family’s members because they are going to be your own family for some months. It is also very important to find out beforehand what the family expects from you in order to do not disappoint them or ending up doing tasks you did not agree to do.

Spend time with your host family

You should spend as much time as you can with your host family, not only while you are working but also in your free time. In this case, you will get to know them and you will let them get to know you. You must know that no matter where you move, you should understand that as an au pair in Ireland you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time alone and must ask yourself what to do in your free time. If learning English or any other language is your goal, try to find an English Academy or some native people who you can practice with. This is really important as you may get bored if you only work. Check out some social media pages and forums dedicated to au pairs (there are millions of them!) and connect with other au pairs in Dublin and au pairs in Ireland to share tips and organise some meet ups.

Share your culture with your host family

You should share your culture with your host family by talking about your country, teaching the family some words in your own language or teaching the children some games or songs. This will help alleviate any homesickness and your host family will appreciate your efforts.

Be clean and do housework as if you were at home

Keep everything as clean as you can. Make your bed and tidy up your room everyday. If you use the kitchen, the car or the toilet, clean them so your host family would not even notice you are there.

Be polite and nice to the children

Don’t forget to be polite and to have a big smile. Don’t use bad or rude words because children can learn them. Say “good morning” and have fun with your work. Your attitude is going to be really important so try to stay positive and happy during your time as an au pair. Children will have bad days, they will make mistakes and they will do wrong but you should remember that they are not adults and try to keep calm with them.

Keep an eagle eye with the kids

Don’t leave the kids alone under any circumstances especially in the bathroom, pool or car. Be on time and talk about the children’s duties after school but don’t do anything before asking their parents. During your work, don’t forget that it’s the time of your host family so don’t do personal things, don’t be on Facebook and don’t answer personal calls. You will be the one who hears what the kids say when they come home from school so make sure you tell your host family.

Have good communication with your host family

Host parents are usually very busy but don’t feel bad if they don’t talk with you as much as you’d like. If you have questions about your work or your responsibilities with the kids, find the right moment to ask them. If you don’t communicate with your host family, problems can grow and get out of hand until they become bigger issues that will not go away.

Don’t gossip about your host family

Do not talk with other au pairs or you friends and family about your host family’s private life. Things in your host family need to stay in the host family. You’re another member so act like a family member and respect them. Also, do not tell your host family about things other au pairs tell you about their host families.

Look after the house and the family’s properties

If you use the host parents’ car, do it carefully and act as if it was your own car. The house needs to be clean and nice so keep it tidy as much as you can although it is not part of your duties. Your attitude will be appreciated by them and you will feel more at home.

Enjoy the Au pair Ireland experience

Don’t forget to enjoy your au pair Ireland experience! Learn as much as you can and try to convert this experience into something unforgettable.

If after this advice you feel ready to start your own au pair experience but you don’t have a host family check out websites dedicated to finding host families like Au Pair Adverts they will do their very best to find the perfect host family for you and give you an experience of a lifetime. Are you ready?


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