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Au Pair Ireland

Becoming an Au Pair in Ireland gives you the opportunity to live and work in a different country. It’s a great way to experience a new culture and improve your English. Although there is no official Au Pair Ireland program, it is possible to become one.

Discover how to become an Au Pair:

Au Pair Ireland Mandatory Criteria

  • You must be between 18-30 years old.
  • You need to have a good working knowledge of English
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be in good health
  • Be willing to undertake first aid training prior to commencement
  • Be willing to commit to a family for a minimum of six months (although sometimes this can be negotiable). There are also summer Au Pair opportunities where the minimum stay is typically nine weeks.

Au Pair Working Conditions and Expectations

The working hours for an Au Pair in Ireland are not specified but generally 20 hours if you are on a student visa or approximately 35 hours per week. You can expect to be paid anywhere from €80 to €120 per week.

There have been concerns raised in Ireland over whether Au Pairs should be receiving the legal minimum wage with a small deduction for room and board.

The free time and holidays for an Au Pair in Ireland are not specified, but it is recommended that Au Pairs receive two days free time per week and one weeks paid holidays for every six months worked. You may be expected to babysit on weekends.

Accommodation and Meals.

‘Au Pair’ means on an equal footing and you should not be treated like a servant. The host family is expected to treat you as a member of their family. They must provide you with your own bedroom, three meals per day, and also free access to the family home.

Au Pair Job Duties:

Au Pair duties include childcare and light housework. For example:

  • Playing with children and assisting them with their homework
  • Preparing snacks and meals for the children.
  • Dropping off and picking up children from school and/or child care.
  • Light housework such as washing, ironing, vacuum, tidying.


Many families require the Au Pair to be able to drive in order to transport the children to school and appointments. If you are required to drive as an Au Pair in Ireland, you will need a full, valid driver’s licence. If the family provides the Au Pair with a car for private use, it would be expected that the Au Pair pay for the petrol used. Discuss with your host family what happens if you have a car accident, who pays, and have your agreements put in the contract.

Travel Costs:

The Au Pair is liable for all costs, however, in some cases the host family may contribute to the cost if the Au Pair is travelling a long way.


It is strongly recommended that Au Pairs obtain comprehensive travel insurance, which covers medical, accident, and liability costs. This would be at the Au Pair’s own expense. Non-EU citizens who have entered with a student visa must have adequate private medical insurance.

Language Skills and Courses:

An Au Pair in Ireland needs to have a working knowledge of English. Many take the opportunity to attend a language course or study while in Ireland, but this is not a requirement. Typically the Au Pair would bear the cost of the course, but there are cases where the host family may assist.

How to Become an Au Pair in Ireland.

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