Au Pair Scams In Ireland – Helpful Information

April 22, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Information

Au Pair Scams In Ireland

Be aware that there are a number of Au Pair Scams In Ireland that people get caught up in. If the ‘host family’ asks you to hand over large sums of money for e.g. visas, then this is most likely a scam. Vice versa, ‘Au Pairs’ who request money from their host family prior to commencing is most likely a scam as the Au Pair is expected to pay for their own travel expenses.

Please take your time to research on more Au Pair Scams In Ireland before you travel to Ireland, We will update our information to help fight this problem.

But please do not allow the idea of Au Pair Scams In Ireland stop you from visiting Ireland although scams do happen like with all things in life its only a small number who are effected. The majority of Au Pairs in Ireland have a great time and make great friendships with new people and new families.


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Additional Au Pair Resources:

    • The Complete Sample Au Pair Handbook: Give this to your Au Pair for a successful partnership by Neil Ackerman – If you’re a family looking to engage an Au Pair, this book provides an example of an Au Pair handbook. You simply buy it, edit it how you want and email to your Au Pair before you sign them up or use it when they arrive. It has all the rules in one place and makes expectations setting easy.
    • Au Pair in Ireland by Richard Marsh – Hear the first hand stories of more than 40 young men and women from around the world who have been Au Pairs in Ireland. They share their experiences, what it was like for them, and how they avoided or solved some of the problems that you might encounter if you decide to become an Au Pair. They also talk about how being an Au Pair enriched their lives and filled them with self-confidence. 
  • Au Pair Guide: A helpful handbook for your time abroad by Carmen Kurz – This Au Pair Guide is a trusty companion for your Au Pair experience – from the pre-application phase to your last day abroad. This book covers what it means to be an Au Pair, how to you prepare, what countries offer this program and how to you find the right host family. It also includes numerous instructions on caring for children, an overview of child development, ideas for children’s games, first aid tips, a to-do list for applying as an Au Pair, and an Au Pair dictionary.