Getting more au pair applicants for your job advert

March 18, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Host Families

How to write an effective job offer for Au Pairs looking to work in Ireland

Posting your advert to find an au pair in Ireland is your first step to finding your new au pair. We have added a checklist below, to help you maximise the impact of your advert, and attract more jobseekers.

  • Job description – list your children, their genders and ages, and any pets you might have. Be sure to include details about working hours and the tasks your au pair will be expected to perform. The more information the better.
  • Job location – more au pairs apply for positions in urban areas, especially Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Galway. If you are in the country, but close to a town or city, be sure to mention that in your advert.
  • Don’t be too picky – ask yourself, if you want your au pair to stay for 12 months, would you exclude an excellent applicant who could only work for 11 months? If the answer is no, don’t include that requirement in the description.
  • Use a friendly tone – a friendlier, informal tone of voice in your advert will attract more applicants. Sounding formal, or strict, may deter applicants.
  • Use simple English in your advert – remember, most au pairs don’t speak English as their first language.

Enticing details and specifics about compensation and benefits will make your advert stand out

Please see below some other details you may want to include in your advert in order to make it more appealing.

  • Salary – legally you are required to pay your au pair at least €10.25 per hour, you can subtract up to €54.13 per week, for food and board. Have a look at our article “How much does an au pair cost in Ireland?” to figure out how much you should be paying your au pair.
  • Photographs – if you have a suitable photo, include it in you advert, your advert will get a lot more views.
  • References – if you have had an au pair work for you before, and they are willing to act as a reference, mention it in the advert.
  • Advert title – ensure you have the job location in the advert title, some au pairs will only scan the titles, and the job location is one of their main details of interest to them.
  • Promoting your job – use the power of social media to promote your job. Promote your advert on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.
  • Adding your contact details – doing this allows anyone viewing your advert, not just site members, to contact you about the role.

Compares your advert with the list above, and if you see anywhere you can improve it, do! Doing so will attract more applicants for the role.