Au Pair expenses that Host Families should not pay

March 18, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Host Families

Host families in Ireland shouldn’t pay for all the expenses of their Au Pairs

In this article we will have a look at au pair expenses that host family would normally not need to cover.

  1. Let’s talk about fuel for personal car use. When your au pair is using a car for job-related tasks, such as running errands, or collecting your kids, you should cover petrol expenses. But if your au pair is using the car for personal reasons, or for leisure, you would not be expected to pay any related expenses.
  2. What about personal items? Host families would not normally cover the costs of personal items such as toiletries.
  3. Regarding non work-related phone costs – while you should cover all telephone expenses related to your au pair’s job, you would not be expected to cover the costs incurred when they make personal calls, unless previously agreed.
  4. Are unreasonable grocery and food requests expenses a host family should be paying in Ireland? Being from a different culture/country some au pairs may have unusual food requests. Unless you were aware of your au pair’s special dietry requirements when hiring them, you wouldn’t be expected to cover these expenses. Always check with the job candidate before hiring, and agree who pays in advance.
  5. What about any expenses incurred outside the au pair’s line of duties? Expenses incurred outside their normal line of duties, such as clothing or dentist visits, would not be covered, unless previously agreed.

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