Au Pair in Dublin

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ID: 333 Published: August 27, 2020 10:03 pm


Live In Home: Yes

Location: Dublin

Position: parttime

Hello! My name is Karina, I’m 27 years old and I’m a designer. I study at Erin School of English (22 Dame Street, Dublin) at 9:00 – 12:15 am.
I graduated in 2 colleges (Design and Theology) and started a master’s degree (Psychology). I am a quiet, studious and responsible person. I enjoy outdoor walks, travel, being with friends, watching movies, visiting museums or historic sites. I am also moderately careful about my health with regard to diet and physical activity. Initially, I’m shy. But with the passing of the shyness, I become a person involved with the others, good listener, good adviser. My friends say that I am especially funny, determined and reliable.
I have experience with care and teaching of children.
Regarding the care, a few years ago my close friend had a baby. Since her husband worked all day and I was just studying (not working), I helped her almost daily. I was able to accompany Yago from birth up to 2 years old.
In relation to teaching, this was an activity that I developed strongly during my graduation in Theology. I often taught groups of children. I also performed whole days of play activities with large groups of children (up to 150 children). In this case, we were a team of 15 people, but we needed to develop a complete schedule and divide activities. Several times I have taught small groups or coordinated large groups. I have some training for teaching and performing play activities with children. One of these is called KIDS GAMES, which are games / physical activities developed by physical education professionals. These games are made with few materials and are different from what we know, so kids love it. The novelty of having a new game makes them happy and entertained. Among these games, there are several ways to entertain children from 3 years to 13 year olds. I really enjoyed doing this course, it helped me a lot because we know how kids like to play as much as they can.
I also graduated in Design, so I like and know different techniques of painting, crafts, making toys, reuse of materials, etc. All that one can imagine doing of artistic activities, I am able to do. It’s something that I really like, I get involved with the kids in these activities. The positive of this is that if the result is palpable, objective. One can build their own toy, draw a picture or write a message to someone special, the imagination can go very far. And something that children are fascinated about is doing their own thing.

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