Friendly Spanish Au Pair from May to July

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ID: 695 Published: September 7, 2020 10:36 pm


Live In Home: Yes

Location: Dundee

Position: temporary

Dear future family,

I’m looking forward to meeting you and making great memories. I’m sure I will feel part of your family.

I am responsible, mature and decisive, and moreover motivated when it comes to working. I also enjoy having fun and explore new places, or enjoy a day in the park or stay in reading a book. Any activity is good for me. I am willing to do any kind of work around the house, from taking care of the children to cleaning or walking the dog. I’m also a very happy and active person, so your children won’t be bored.

I’ve been taking care of my little sister since she was born, so I’m a little experienced (although not professionally). However, I’d love to do it professionally while I’m a student.

I love the UK and Ireland. Their culture is very attractive to me and I think they are beautiful places. At the moment, I am studying my degree at Dundee University, Scotland. I’ve spent my summers in Dublin, London, Brighton and other places to learn English.

I love reading and writing. I like indie music and also jazz. I go horse riding since I was eight years old. I love learning new languages and talking to people from different cultures.

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