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ID: 765 Published: October 12, 2020 12:27 pm


Live In Home: Yes

Location: Faenza

Position: fulltime

Hi everyone! My name is Emanuela and I’m 24 years old. In March I’m going to complete my studies in medieval history.

One of my favourite hobby is strictly connected with history: the reenactment. My groups’ purpose, celtic and medieval, is to re-create the past, with clothes, foods, games, and to teach to the public about ancient every-day life, involving adults and children with various activities.

I’m in a theatre company since I was 12, I love changing my point of view and living a different life for every character, from greek tragedy to dialect comedy. I also like singing, drawing, playing volleyball and football, salsa dancing, horse riding.

I helped for months 12-aged twins to do their homework. I worked with children during summer when I was a teenager and I was an educator in a summer recreation center (2018-2019-2020). I have experience with childrem from 6 to 14 years old.

Me, strong and weak point. I’m a kind, curious and positive girl, but I can be severe if I see disrespect: I consider respect one of the most important values at all. Unfortunately I’m very shy.
I passed the university english test (B1 and B2), but they were written exam, my “weak point” is the speaking. I’d love working with children because in teaching I will learn: I can improve my language and be more at ease with them than with adults.

I’d like to start my au pair experience in april, for at least 3 months or more if you need to!

When I imagine my au pair experience I see me, sitting on a bed, reading a fairy tales book to the children, playing with them or helping with their homework. I’d like spending time with my “new family” and also meeting people of my age and knowing new friends (in safety, following anti covid rules)!
I have choose Ireland… because I fell in love with this country! I visited the green Island 4 years ago with my brother and during the flight coming back home I had only one thought: “Wait me, I’ll return”.

I have an italian driving licence (since 2015), but one thing scares me a little: driving on the left, I have never tried, but I’m sure with a little practise I can learn.

I’m very good in cooking cakes (my favourite is cake with chocolate and pears). In Italy at lunch we always eat pasta, in very different ways, I’d like cooking for the children typical italian food and learning how to prepare ‘irish food’.
I like animals: we had a dog, a turtle, red fishes, and we have a cat an some chickens. I can feed them and carry about.

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